Sunday, December 21, 2014

2 tube top 55L$..~

hair. (r)edMint new!  No.30'14

tube top. CheRRy new! tube top - comic II promo 55L$ (Ends tomorrow)

necklace.  MG celtic cross

hands. slink mesh hands casual

skirt. suicidal unborn  lauryn skirt 

feet. n-core xtreme feet 

heels.  n-core new! eden

Hello cherries! Do you like this tube top? it's on sale 55L$ until sunday 21st! so if you like it, let's go


Dress:[Cynful] She Bad Sequin  New! 


 Hello girls, new shoes n-core with limited edition 24 hours promotion, you could get two shoes for the price of once! it will be just the day December 21 (tomorrow all day

2 shoes for the price of 1.   24 HOURS ONLY ( Available at N-core store only December 21st.)  Shoes are exclusive (*never sold again*).  

Saturday, December 20, 2014

exclusive items of N-Core tomorrow! only 24hrs Hurry up!

   hands. slink mesh hands casual

dress. suicidal unborn  amunet dress

feet. n-core xtreme feet

heels.  n-core new! patent mules - ADD for xtreme feet (exclusive during 24 hrs tomorrow, 21st Dec)

pose.  purple poses mia

 Hello girls!!

N-core has been created this two heels for ADD to xtreme feet, it would be 2 shoes for the price of 1.   24 HOURS ONLY  (21st Dec) and it never will sell again! so, if you like it

hurry up!